Astro22's Multiple Document Interface

The Astro22 astrology program runs within its own self contained environment using a Windows Multiple Document Interface (MDI). This allows multiple windows to be opened, resized and manipulated without interfering with other programs that may be running simultaneously. In practice one active and up to eighteen passive child windows are allowed by the program and in general, the higher the screen resolution the better the program can operate.

A great advantage of the program is its ease of use and almost immediate access to needed data - be it transits, progressions or comparisons.

It is the only astrology program, as far as we know, that enables animation of all its graphic charts. One is able to view planets in motion and bring them into alignment with critical dates or aspects. This even applies to progressed triple chart wheels and comparison charts!

Another feature is that the user is able to create custom color schemes for screen presentations and change planet colors, aspect line colors and zodiac wheel colors. Then add an interesting graphic as a back screen or wallpaper.  The combination is only limited by the users imagination.

From V6 of the program it is now possible to use any bitmap or .jpg graphic as a back screens for astrology chart printouts. The presentation charts produced are outstanding by any measure of standards. The low cost of photo quality printers makes this a very worthwhile feature.

The 13 Sign Zodiac is yet another unique feature. Astro22 is the only astrology software that calculates and displays the Bergian 13 Sign Zodiac. Although somewhat controversial the 13 Sign zodiac has stimulated interest for some years. The leading exponent of this system, Walter Berg, has written several books on the subject and is well known in astrological circles. He contracted Ramara House Software to integrate his system into Version 5 of our program.

In his book Walter Berg states that because of relative star movements a new star sign moved into the zodiac some 1000 years ago - The sign of Ophiuchus. The 13 Sign Zodiac calculations are compatible with the Tropical, Sidereal and Indian Zodiac systems. Character Profiles also include readings for Ophiuchus by Sign and most of the other routines in the program support the new star sign. Corresponding house cusps have also been included. See also:

It would be possible to go on at great length regarding the merits of the program, however, we strongly recommend that you download a 30 day trial version of Astro22 and test out all the features for yourself. There is no other substitute for hands on use.




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