Graphic Chart Wheels

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Standard Chart Wheel

Positional Chart Wheel

Large Aspect Centre

Decantes Wheel

Fixed Stars Wheel

Bergian 13 Sign Zodiac

Sun Sign Graphic Centre

User Graphics Wheel

Triple Chart Wheel

Dedicated Aspect Wheel

Compare Charts Wheel

Midpoints Wheel

Arabic Parts Wheel


Color Schemes

Picture Zodiac Glyphs

Compatibility Chart

Graphic Zodiac Wheels

Standard Solid Fill Zodiac

Rainbow Zodiac

Plain One Color Fill Zodiac

Quadruplicities Zodiac

Triplicities Zodiac

Transit Analysis Screens and Biorhythms

Yearly Transit Analysis - Slow moving planets

Monthly Transit Analysis - Mars is included

Weekly Transit Analysis - Sun, Mercury and Venus are included

Daily Transit Analysis - Moon is included

One hour Analysis - Asc, MC and Fortuna are included

Monthly Biorhythm Chart

Full Screen Aspect Grid Analysis

Aspect Grid Full Orb

Aspect Grid Extended Format

Aspect grid-Compare charts

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