History of Astro22 Computer Astrology Software

The very first Astro22 Astrology program was released for the Atari ST range of computers in July 1991 and an Amiga version soon followed in the latter half of 1992. The program was a resounding success on both machines and magazine reviews gave it top ratings. The Atari Version of the program was distributed to 70,000 readers of the 'Atari Format' magazine as a cover disk feature. The PC version for DOS was released in November, 1993 - To the relief of existing customers who had upgraded to PC systems. The Windows Version was first released 29th June, 1994 and is now considered a World leading Astrological Package.

The Astro22 V6 Professional Astrology Program, was released in August, 2003. The program has been thoroughly revised for use with Windows XP and the new, more powerful, computers of today. Most screen displays have been updated, some dramatically, and many new features have been added. With the advent of more powerful computers our program is now coming into its own, in that most of the graphic screens throughout the program can be animated to a predefined time interval. A new graphic handling routine has been developed to provide smoother animation of all these graphic screens. Astro22 V7.5 Professional Astrology Software, was released in January 2008.

Feedback on the Program

I must say that I am truly impressed with Astro22 for Windows. Having moved from (Big name commercial program) to (Other big name commercial program), then to the awful Windows version of (Big name commercial program), your software comes as breath of fresh air. I particularly like the animation feature and the quality of printouts. S.W., Corsham, Wilts

I am very pleased with the quality of Astro22 for Windows. Please Express Air the complete version. M.A., Cambridge, New Zealand

Many thanks for your Windows version of Astro22. I have put it to good use and am well pleased with it. P.R.J., Eastbourn

I think that your program is just fatalistic can't wait to get my hands on the complete version. L.M.H., Hasselager, Denmark

I have several astrological programs, but I must say yours is by far the superior. I like the versatility, speed and accuracy of the program. D.M.C., Livingston

Trial Version of Astro22 V7

If you are not convinced by the above testimonials then we recommend that you download the 30 day trial version of the program and test all its features for yourself. Once installed you are advised to follow the 'Getting Started Tutorial' from the 'Help' drop down menu on the program. This will ensure that you get the most from the program in the shortest possible time.



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