30 Day Trial Version - Astro22 V7 Professional Astrology program

From this page you are able to download a version of  the "Astro22 V7 Professional Astrology Software" and have hands-on use for 30 days. The trial version has 90% of all the features active, including reduced add-on text file reports for 'Character Profiles', 'Compatibility Profiles' and 'Transit/Progressed' aspect analysis as listed under Item A2. on our 'Purchasing' page. Pluto is deactivated in the trial, however, this detracts little from the overall program.

The difference between the trial version and the commercial version is that the commercial version version does contain the full 10,000 year Swiss Ephemeris; Increased Atlas locations and complete text files.

When you download and run the program a help file giving a 'Getting Started Tutorial' is presented on screen. This is very short tutorial that will lead you through the basic features of the program and it will quickly familiarize you with the essentials. You will learn how to create Birth Charts, produce Character Profiles and how to Print your charts and documents.

It is better to spend ten to fifteen minuets working through this tutorial than hours fumbling through menu options. Also, it ensures that you get the most from the program in the shortest possible time.
Any installation or runtime problems can usually be fixed by viewing the troubleshooting page.

Download Astro22 Astrology V7 Now

At the end of your trial any comments, suggestions and constructive criticism would be very much appreciated.

Do enjoy your free trial!



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