Troubleshooting - Known problems using Vista

Problems when the program is run for the first time.

When using Window’s Vista it is important that the program is run in ‘Administrator Mode’ This ensures that Astro22 does not run foul of the strict security within Vista when creating and deleting temporary files.  To permanently enable this feature right-click on the Astro22 icon on the desktop and select the ‘Compatibility’ tab; then enable the option ‘Run this program as an administrator’ - Apply then click OK.

Problems upgrading from the trial version to commercial version.

It the default install directory is used for both versions then no problems should be experienced. The upgrade will first uninstall the previous trial version then install the new version - The ‘Birth Files’ database is not deleted. However, if problems are experienced proceed as follows:

  1. Uninstall Astro22.
  2. Important - Delete any leftover files from the Astro22 folder, the default path is “C:\Program Files\Astro22 V75”.  The “Birth Files’ folder may be retained.
  3. Restart Windows
  4. reinstall Astro22

Registration fails when the activation code is pasted from the clipboard.

This is usually caused by the registration document being corrupted with superfluous hidden characters during email transmit ion - To correct the situation: 

  1. Select all the text in the registration document and copy/past it into ‘Notepad’ – Not ‘Wordpad’. This action will clean the document of all none ASCII characters.
  2. Complete the registration by a copy/past from ‘Notepad’ to Astro22.
  3. Save the clean registration document to a secure location.

 Upgrading from a much older copy of Astro22. 

Usually the install goes OK. However, fatal problems are often caused by the customer copying all the files he/she feels should be transferred from the old Astro22 folder to the new Astro22 folder.

The only files that can safely transferred are the ‘Birth Files’ folder and the text files used for analysis.  In version 7.5 all the text files are collated to the folder named ‘Text’ and all old versions of the text files must be copied to this folder.

If problems are experienced with the upgrade proceed as shown in the 'problems upgrading from the trial version to commercial version' paragraph above.


Known Problems using Window's XP

Just one known Problem: A corruption of the planetary glyphs might occur soon after installation of the program. If the planetary screen data should suddenly become unreadable then you do have a problem with the astro22 True Type Fonts.

This problem is more irksome than serious and is easily rectified by a one-time fix. It is not a program error as such, it is caused during installation, for some unknown reason Windows XP fails to register the installed fonts correctly. We are working to rectify this situation.

To Correct the Problem

  1. From the Desktop double click on 'My Computer.'

  2. Double Click on 'Control Panel.'

  3. If the Control Panel is in 'Category View' then from the top left control box select 'Switch to Classic View'.

  4. Double Click on the 'Fonts' folder.

  5. From the list presented find 'Ast22lig' and double click on this file. If a screen appears headed 'Astro22 Light (True Type)' then the font is OK.

  6. Next find 'Ast22med' and double click on this file. If a screen appears headed 'Astro22 Medium (True Type)' then the font is OK.

  7. Next find 'Ast22bol' and double click on this file. If a screen appears headed 'Astro22 Bold (True Type)' then the font is OK.

This simple exercise should have cleared the problem and if you go back into Astro22 and the glyphs should be working OK.

If you could not find the above files in the font folder:

  1. From the top drop down menu in the font folder select 'File>Install New Font'

  2. In the bottom left 'folder's box' navigate to your Astro22 V7 program folder - the default is 'C:\Program Files\Astro22 V7' then double click on the 'Fonts' folder. The top box of the 'Add Fonts' screen will display three True Type fonts.

  3. Click 'Select All' then OK.

This action will permanently install the above fonts and no future action will be required.


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